Current Research

I study clouds on 3D exoplanet atmospheres by implementing cloud formation into the global circulation model MITgcm. I hope to understand how clouds affect the chemistry and climate of exoplanet atmospheres. Check out my latest publications and research projects.

Teaching & Outreach

I'm taking active part in teaching by supervising lab sessions, Bachelor theses and Master theses. Outside of university, I organise and take part in outreach activities by giving talks and organising educational events.

Sven Kiefer at Leiden University.
The Aris rocket team after winning second place at the Spaceport America Cup.
Sven Kiefer at the VLA.
Diavolezza mountain station; place of the Astrowoche.
Sven Kiefer at Arthur's Seat in Scotland.
Entrance to the first MEME.
Sven Kiefer during a winter hike.
Trophy of the Spaceport America Cup in the Arizona dessert.
Sven Kiefer through a telescope.